Do you need help with the management of your multi-family rental property?

You are in the right place. Essential Property Management can handle all your multi-family rental needs in Brooklyn, Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk County.

We offer full-service property management solutions. As an experienced team of property managers, we’ll handle every responsibility involved in efficiently running your rental property. Our team has over 25 years of industry experience.

Our services are available to multi-family properties, commercial units, and residential homes. Our efficient management of multi-family units offers reduced stress and enhanced growth to our customers.

The aim of our multi-family residential home management services is to fill your units with high-quality tenants, and to preserve the value of your investment. In order to achieve these goals, we’ll carry out tenant screening, marketing, rent collection, repairs, and maintenance on your behalf.

We work in Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island). At Essential Property Management, we are affiliated with esteemed organizations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARP).

You can reach us by calling (516) 868-5224 or by clicking here to get a free rental analysis.

Essential Property Management Services

As an owner of multi-family properties, you're likely to face a set of renters with diverse preferences and expectations. The sheer number of units can be time-consuming as well. Our experienced team can unburden you of the mundane day-to-day tasks involved in owning a rental property so you can enjoy the bliss of passive income.

We’ll fill your vacant units with the best available tenants after screening all applicants. We are devoted to delivering outstanding customer service to you and your tenants.

Let’s take a look at some of the services you’ll receive if you choose to work with Essential.

Top-Class Marketing and Advertising

We are able to provide our clients with stellar marketing plans that maximize the likelihood of finding great applicants. Our marketing professionals use digital advertising methods that have a proven record of being effective at finding great tenants.

marketing your property

The advertising efforts we make ensure that your rental properties won’t stay vacant for long. By casting a wide net, we’ll find a considerable number of prospects that we can continue to screen for suitability.

Digital marketing isn’t the only tool at our disposal. Tried-and-true offline advertising methods will be used as well. For instance, we’ll put out visible and eye-catching “For Rent” signs and print creative flyers with the basic information about your rentals.

Results-Driven Tenant Screening

We’ll never accept a tenant without conducting prior screening procedures to make sure they qualify for tenancy. Efficient tenant screening significantly cuts the risk of having to deal with problematic renters.

You can be sure that we’ll take all the necessary steps to verify your applicants’ employment status, credit score, and prior conduct as a tenant. We know that you want only tenants with a clean record in your multi-family properties.

Our screening procedures are some of the most comprehensive in the property management industry. We take every precausion so you feel secure in the knowledge that you'll have the best tenants available in your New York City or Long Island rental properties.

Timely Repairs and Maintenance

One of our major goals is ensuring that your multi-family rental property is in great shape. Keeping a close eye on repair is a necessary step to preserve the value of your investment.

timely repairs and maintenance

The same holds true for regular maintenance. Whenever we receive a maintenance request, we’ll address the issue immediately. This is important to improve tenant satisfaction and keep your rental unit in top shape.

We’ll conduct regular inspections to uncover needs for upkeep and repair. Our maintenance personnel will be notified if we discover something during the inspection. As we have built a network of reliable vendors and contractors, you can benefit from reasonable rates and beneficial discounts

Professional Rent Collection

You can never underestimate the burden of rent collection in multi-family rental properties. By partnering with Essential Property Management, you won’t have to worry about rent collection problems anymore.

We use an online portal that allows your tenants to make quick and convenient payments. If necessary, we are able to support other payment methods as well. At Essential, we want to provide the best payment solutions available.

Since digital payments are instantly processed, we'll be able to provide you with a real-time overview of all rent payments. This way, we can seamlessly address any payment problems as they appear in front of us.

Effective rent collection starts with the drafting of proper lease agreements. We’ll add all the necessary clauses to the contracts regarding rent payments. Among other key clauses, we’ll address delays, missed payments, and late fees.

Complete Financial Reporting

We know that the owners who work with us want to have a complete overview of the financial stats. It’s an important part of being a property investor. That’s why we have made sure that you can have around-the-clock access to all the financial reports.

complete financial reporting

You’ll have an overview of the finance essentials like balance sheets, general ledgers, and bank statements. Whenever you want to check the financial side of things, you can just log on to the owner’s portal.

About Essential Property Management

Essential Property Management is an industry-leading property management company serving Hempstead and Suffolk County, including five NYC boroughs and Long Island.

We deliver exceptional multi-family rental property management services. Our focus is always on ensuring that your investment is growing, the tenants are happy, and the finances are kept in check.

All the owners who have partnered with us enjoy better sleep at night. They know that our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence brings in the top results.

Emergency requests are always promptly answered and dealt with in a professional manner. We take care to adhere to the Fair Housing Act and other regulations to ensure legal protection.