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Essential Property Management has more than 2 decades of property management experience to steer your Garden City property business towards success.

Whatever size or style of unit you own—be it single-family, multi-family or commercial—we can be trusted to help you achieve your property investing dreams.

If you're finding that it's too time consuming for you to market your own Garden City property and find qualified renters yourself, hire us! We’ll remove the burden and stress of finding high quality tenants for you.

Our professional team has proven experience in providing our clients in the state of New York with excellent value. Earn stress-free rental income while we ensure your Garden City property is well-maintained and managed effectively.

Let our team of qualified experts handle tenant communication. We offer top-notch customer service that always puts our clients and the needs of their properties first.

Founded in Baldwin, New York, Essential Property Management presently manages properties in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We’re affiliated with Baldwin Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Real Estate Management, and Community Associates Institute of Long Island Chapter.

At Essential, we offer our clients a full range of property management services. Essential Property Management is always ready to serve your needs to help you meet your goals. Call us at (516) 868 5224. You’ll be glad to have your Garden City property in the hands of attentive professionals.

At Essential Property Management, we're results-driven and live up to our words. Being in the business for 25 years has given us a comprehensive understanding of the property management services that landlords in New York require. We’re able to provide maximum returns to our clients, helping them achieve peace of mind.

Here are property management services that you’ll enjoy as one of our valued clients:

Essential Property Management Services

Marketing Your Rental Property

At Essential Property Management, we're experts at developing online marketing strategies. With people spending more and more of their time online these days, we’ve expanded our reach to capture prospects on social media platforms.

We also make use of popular rental sites, as well as traditional physical marketing techniques, to increase interest.

marketing rental property

Our vast network also allows us to provide incentives when it comes to referrals. We’re confident that we can find wonderful tenants for your Garden City property. We know how to craft effective property listings and take quality images to further attract attention from potential tenants.

Tenant Screening Process

Essential Property Management does a meticulous job of screening tenants. We’re very careful when it comes to accepting applicants for your Garden City property.

garden city new york

We’re strict in our standards and make sure that your prospective tenants have the means to pay their rent on time each month. We also check references and previous rental history.

Another thing we look at is a prospect’s credit score. It shows us if a prospect knows how to manage their finances well. We want you to only have trustworthy and dependable tenants in your rental units.

Rent Collection

Essential Property Management is serious about making sure our rent collection systems are effective. We want you to enjoy consistent returns for your Garden City property. That's why we offer several payment channels that tenants can use, including online payment options if they desire.

rent collection services

We’re firm when it comes to rent collection so that you don't have to be. We need tenants to understand the importance of paying on time. Due dates and penalties are discussed in detail during the signing of the lease. We don't allow tenants to be negligent with their duty to pay.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Essential Property Management is mindful of landlord-tenant laws in our mission to always keep your rental units safe and habitable. We make sure that all areas of the property are secure and any damage is repaired quickly. Inspections are frequent, without affecting a tenant’s right to privacy.

If a tenant reports any damage to your Garden City property, we’ll always be swift in resolving the issue. We want you to have peace of mind that your rental is well taken care of and continues to provide value. This also helps with our tenant retention program.

If we spot water damage or signs of foundation problems, we’re always quick to hire excellent contractors who are licensed to carry out the repair. Their work performance will be already vetted from our years of partnering with them in maintaining the upkeep of rental properties.

Detailed Financial Reporting

When you work with Essential, you'll always be provided with access to vital reports and financial statements for your Garden City rental. You won’t be left wondering how your business is doing.

financial reporting

Your online portal will be available 24/7 so that you'll always be updated and can monitor the growth of your property investment.

About Garden City, New York

Garden City is a village located in Hempstead with around 22,000 residents. Garden City’s area is 5.3 square miles. Almost half of the residents of the area are of Irish descent. A multi-millionaire named Alexander Turney Stewart established Garden City in 1869.

Residents enjoy living in Garden City for its amenities such as parks, coffee shops, and wonderful restaurants. Schools are also highly rated. Garden City’s community is also considered to be warm and family friendly.

Other major draws for Garden City include its proximity to New York City—it's only a half hour away. If you want to enjoy the beach, you can also head there in 20 minutes. Quality living is immediately within reach in Garden City. You can enjoy a sense of safety and a wealth of entertainment choices.

Here are interesting places to check out in Garden City, New York:

  • Long Island Children’s Museum
  • Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • Garden City Bird Sanctuary
  • Nunley’s Carousel
  • Cathedral of the Incarnation
  • Garden City Community Park
  • Nassau Haven Park
  • Roosevelt Field
  • Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center
  • Leo’s Midway - Garden City Bar & Restaurant

Areas We Service

At Essential Property Management, we provide property management service to Hempstead, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Beach, Long Island, and the five New York City boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx.